What is LFS anyway?

jeremy at jutley.org jeremy at jutley.org
Sat May 8 10:56:06 PDT 2004

> As far as pulling things out of BLFS into LFS, I'm all for it.  BLFS is
> more than twice as big as LFS right now and we are continually asked to
> put in more packages. I'm working on a change to /etc/profile now that
> really should be in LFS. I han't seen anyone suggest putting readline
> into LFS.  If LFS is going to add /etc/inputrc, then it probably needs
> readline too.

Don't read bugzilla much do you?  There's been a bug open for
approximately 2 years to add readline to LFS - IIRC, Zack has done that in
CVS HEAD currently.


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