LFS-5.1pre2 space figures (ch6+)

Ken Moffat ken at kenmoffat.uklinux.net
Sat May 8 18:01:25 PDT 2004

Took a bit longer than intended, but here they are.  Again, I can't form
a view on the gcc sizes (using the full tarballs) and I don't have a
view on the size of a default kernel build, at least not at the moment.

 There's a further issue in the presentation - at the start of chapter 6
it looks as if anything under 1MB is shown in exact Kb, then up to 10MB
in units of 0.1MB, then in whole (or nearest) MB.  Later, packages under
1MB start appearing in units of 0.1MB, while e2fsprogs stakes a claim to
48.4MB.  Plenty of scope for editorial judgement here ;)

make_devices shows 160KB which sounds reasonable (my version is a bit
bigger, but then my test versions are built to do what I need).

The kernel headers now only require the amount of space we use for
installing them (6052KB, i.e. 6MB) instead of 186MB when we used to
untar the kernel a second time.

man-pages are up to 34MB from 15MB.

glibc here (all locales) is 886MB - if all locales is what we want (book
has 784MB).

coreutils is up to 77MB from 69MB.

zlib is marginally bigger, 2.5MB instead of 1.5.

mktemp took 456K (or 0.4MB), the book has 317K.

iana-etc takes 1888K (1.8MB), I can't see where the book got 641K from.

sed is up to 5.8MB from 5.2, if we want to be that fine-grained.

gettext is now 69MB from 55MB.

perl took 134MB here, the book has 143MB.

texinfo is up to 18MB from 17MB.

autoconf is 8.4MB from 7.7MB.

automake is 8.1MB from 6.8MB.

file is 6.5MB from 6.3MB (see sed)

e2fsprogs is 50576KB, which I'd call 49MB except that the book shows

grub is nudging 11MB here (book has 10MB), although I build it right at
the end of chapter 6, I'm guessing that doesn't make a difference.
(11024KB if anyone wants to compare to their by-the-book sequence).

modutils is up to 3.4MB from 2.9MB

procinfo is in the book as 0.2MB, which is ok, but if we want it to the
last KB it's 244KB.

procps is up to 6.8MB from 6.2MB.

psmisc is up to 3.0MB from 2.2MB.

shadow has grown to a whopping 24MB from 11MB.

sysklogd has the is it 0.5MB or is it 544KB question.

similarly sysvinit, 948KB or 0.9MB.

tar has grown to 12MB from 10MB.

the bootscripts are in the book as 0.3MB.  I install 3 BLFS scripts
while I've got it unpacked, so I imagine the actual LFS size is 652K
rather than my 664K.  Of course, adding heimdal will presumably make the
source bigger.

And that's enough nit-picking for tonight!

 das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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