What is built by LFS

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Sun May 9 10:51:49 PDT 2004

Joel Miller wrote:
>I'm of two minds on this one. I was about to say that I agree
>  as installing a package without configuring it is not what I consider
a really good way >to do things. Then I remembered, however, that the
target audience of this book should
>know enough to be able to configure a package to their own liking.
>I propose instead that we mention that a configuration file exists and
then point the
>user to a document, perhaps a man page, that will tell them what
options do what so that >they can configure it to their liking.
>Just my $.02.

I would take this as saying that LFS is *NOT* meant to be an educational
tool and would be more in lines with the general persona that Slackware
has.  A minimal, you figure it out yourself,

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