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On Sun, 9 May 2004, Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
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> I would be in favor of expanding Chapter 9 to tell the user *how* the
> new system can be customized for individual needs.  This includes using
> chroot from the host system until those packages the user needs are
> installed.  Suggested packages to install early for a desktop system
> would include communication (dhcp client, wget, etc) and X+Window manager.

With the availability of VT's, I consider X unneeded for a *base*
platform. Just include gpm, most of BLFS Chapter 3 stuff, and a
*minimal* browser. That plus network connectivity seems enough to me.
Think about it: what's the *big* difference between doing X+* in the end
of Chapter 9 and doing it as the (user chosen) early effort of BLFS? A
lot in terms of book size, because of dependencies, and little
conceptually. If the user has the foresight to download BLFS and a
browser, we can even eliminate the net connectivity rqmt. If the user is
comfy with CLI, only convenience is lost if no gpm (of course this is
easily overcome with a text version of books and vi). Wget? A bash-only
solution was posted many moons ago (inelegant to read, but so what?).

My feeling is that if LFS taught what it intended, had a *base* platform
from which a user who has *learned* can accomplish his/her goals, LFS is
done. I even feel that if they must reboot into their old host, that's
OK too. If the book wants to progress beyond that, also OK but no one
would call it a base platform, by the time prerequisites and X are

Creeping "bloatitis" is difficult to resist. Division of labor is
important. Focus is easily lost.

<rant not related to you at all>
Especially when a crew that wants to be bleeding edge is holding sway
and denigrating valid concerns with whines about resisting the future.
A low form of argument if ever I heard one, but maybe they are
incapable of better. Or respect none but their own opinions and
</rant not related to you at all>

>   -- Bruce

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