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Sun May 9 11:10:11 PDT 2004

Joel Miller wrote:
>I'm of two minds on this one. I was about to say that I agree
>  as installing a package without configuring it is not what I consider
a really good way >to do things. Then I remembered, however, that the
target audience of this book should
>know enough to be able to configure a package to their own liking.
>I propose instead that we mention that a configuration file exists and
then point the
>user to a document, perhaps a man page, that will tell them what
options do what so that >they can configure it to their liking.
>Just my $.02.

(Not really sure what happened here.  Part of the message was missing.)

I would take this as saying that LFS is *NOT* meant to be an educational
tool and would be more in lines with the general persona that Slackware
has.  A minimal, you figure it out yourself, expert kind of system.

That, IMO, is not where LFS should be heading.  There is no need in the
Linux community for another DIY, Experts Only, distro.  The community
does need, a group of people that are willing to combine the deluge of
information about Linux into a single area where a person can learn how
and why Linux works.

I don't see how minimal and educational can coexist like this.  If this
project is truly going to be minimal, why even bother explaining things?
That is a lot of extra words.

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