What is LFS anyway?

jeremy at jutley.org jeremy at jutley.org
Sun May 9 23:49:22 PDT 2004

> jeremy at jutley.org wrote:
>>And that's what the ENTIRE brouhaha was about regarding BE-LFS - CVS
>>(where readline was added) is supposed to be a place where we can work
>>with things, WITHOUT having to ask the entire god damn community "Is this
>>ok" - which is a waste of time because noone can agree to anything around
>>here anymore.
> I am not saying that he should have asked for permission before adding
> it to CVS HEAD. As everyone has said till now, CVS HEAD is pretty much a
> "Anything goes". My concern is that once something is added without
> discussion to CVS HEAD, it will be included by default in the
> testing/stable branch when the time to branch comes.

And why shouldn't it?  At the very least one LFS package utilizes it to
provide history functions, possibly more.  Plus, if we install it in
chapter 6, we get the added benefit of being able to link bash to an
independent readline, making upgrading the readline library in the future
possible..  IMHO, that in and of itself is reason enough to put it in.


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