What is LFS anyway?

Joel Miller cheeziologist at mail.isc.rit.edu
Sun May 9 23:57:19 PDT 2004

jeremy at jutley.org wrote:
> What we've been talking about isn't nearly this much :)  Here's our
> thought:
> DHCP/PPP (for connectivity, that'll account for about 99% of the
> connections out there)
> Lynx (to browse - this gives the ability to use the online BLFS-book
> to download and build packages.

As much as I always install a dhcp client on all the machines I build, 
if we stick dhcp into the base LFS, whose instructions are to be 
followed in order and none are to be skipped, what dhcp client will go 
into the book. Therein lies the problem as I see it. I happen to use and 
like dhclient. Other people I know use dhcpcd. Yet others I know use a 
program called pump which I have no knowledge of. The choise of client 
should be up to the user. Is it enough that perhaps we point them to the 
dhcp section in BLFS?

> IMHO, udev isn't open for debate at this point, it's pretty much
> gotta go in for future support, and hotplug only less essential,
> as it's preferred by the kernel guys to handle modules, from what
> I understand.

I can't argue there. Udev is going to be the new de facto standard. We 
should embrace it. I know too little about the full hotplug package to 
voice an opinion on it, but if it is the prefered way to handle modules 
then it sounds very reasonable to go into the book.

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