What is LFS anyway?

Jon Jester2.0 at comcast.net
Mon May 10 00:04:50 PDT 2004

Joel Miller wrote:

>As much as I always install a dhcp client on all the machines I build,
if we stick dhcp
>into the base LFS, whose instructions are to be followed in order and
none are to be
>skipped, what dhcp client will go into the book. Therein lies the
problem as I see it. I >happen to use and like dhclient. Other people I
know use dhcpcd. Yet others I know use a >program called pump which I
have no knowledge of. The choise of client should be up to
>the user. Is it enough that perhaps we point them to the dhcp section
in BLFS?

Why can there not be an option as to which to install?  When reading
from top to bottom, you can say "At this point you have a choice...".
If someone can build LFS, then I am sure that they can follow the part
where you skip section X.y.B and X.y.C if you did X.y.A

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