What is LFS anyway?

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at venus.sac.accd.edu
Mon May 10 09:01:21 PDT 2004

Richard A Downing FBCS wrote:

> If we had a an offical format, individuals and groups could collaborate 
> on 'appendix' style, xml-based, rendered to fit-in with LFS, 
> 'how-to-make it work in situation-X'.
> Isn't this Hints, I hear you say?  But I was thinking of a more 'stamped 
> with the LFS approval mark' and matched to the lfs-version.  I see hints 
> as 'I did this and it worked for me' - which is not quite the same thing.
> That way the book could be bare bones - which will suit one camp;  but 
> everyone can render a book with the right appendixes for their requirments.

Generally we call this BLFS.
   -- Bruce

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