What is LFS anyway?

jeremy at jutley.org jeremy at jutley.org
Mon May 10 11:11:25 PDT 2004

> On Sun, May 09, 2004 at 12:53:25AM -0700, jeremy at jutley.org wrote:
>> Once again, trying to stand in the way of progress, now that we've
>> finally
>> got some development happening.
> <snip from another message from Jeremy in same thread>
>> And that's what the ENTIRE brouhaha was about regarding BE-LFS - CVS
>> (where readline was added) is supposed to be a place where we can work
>> with things, WITHOUT having to ask the entire god damn community "Is
>> this ok" - which is a waste of time because noone can agree to
>> anything around here anymore.  If it's going to go back to having to
>> ask on here every time a change is made, I want no part of it, because
>> quite honestly, I'm fucking sick and tired of the flames!
> With an attitude like this, you will quickly become the biggest problem.
> Open development means is "open". Not open to Jeremy and however agrees.
> Tush did not flame, nor did I. We questioned, trying to reason out the
> discussion and get the points and make some points.

Trying to make points is fine and dandy, I have *NO* problem with that.
But, being called a whiny baby on list goes a little too far, and makes me
want to take all the contributions I have, and use them elsewhere.  LFS
needs to either move forward, or it's going to stagnate, and
people will leave the project.  The logical next step for us to take is
2.6/nptl/udev - they're stable, well-tested, mature, and ready for us to

I just wish most of you would spend some time on the OTHER side of things,
as a developer, and realize just what it's like from this side.  Less than
a month ago, there was OVERWHELMING support from the community to get
this stuff into the book, to turn CVS HEAD into a place to experiment.  Now
that that is happening, everyone is up in arms because we're doing just
that.  It makes it hard to know what is right and what is wrong, and is
a BIG part of the reason I have not been a real active editor lately, and
THE reason I did BE-LFS in the first place.

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