[summary]: What is LFS Anyway?

Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon May 10 11:16:54 PDT 2004


Thanks for all the interesting discussion.  This is yet another case of
we'll never please everybody all the time, so here is my take on things:

1) LFS needs to inform the users in some way as to how they can further
extend the base LFS system.  This needs to be done before they reboot
for the first time, so as at least theoretically, they never need to see
their host again.

2) LFS has always been a step-by-step guide, limiting user choices
fairly strongly (merely as a side effect of being such a limited base
system, not out of any real concerted effort).  This has the advantage
that it eases the burden on lfs-support that may arise from people
making the"wrong" choice, or simply not being informed enough to be able
to make a choice at all.

3) It is already acknowledged in certain areas of the book that LFS is
not the best resource on every area we touch upon (e.g. building the
kernel, etc.).  IMO the networking area is best suited to BLFS (and
any other resources applicable) where the necessary options are already

Obviously the above only touches on the networking side of things, and
there's much more scope associated with the title of the thread.  I'll
be drafting up some words to go into the book (as part of bug #791)
which will hopefully ease the decision-making process as to what goes
into the book and what doesn't in the future.  Jeroen's list (which DJ
Lucas was kind enough to split out) will provide a solid starting point
for this wording, so thanks for that guys.  What with the 5.1 release
looming, I'm not sure quite when this will be done, but it will be
addressed at my earliest opportunity in order to hopefully calm the
lists down a bit!

Best regards,


PS:  Can all those that contributed to the flame-bait in this thread
think twice before posting such drivel in future.  It gets the project
nowhere, takes up everybody's valuable time and bandwidth, and simply
increases everyones frustration and/or anger levels.  This is a
technical project. Our decisions should be made based on technical and
social (e.g. educational) issues alone.  I don't see how personal
attacks and namecalling fit into either of those categories!  Without
wishing to sound too draconian, any further evidence of this will result
in a personal warning from myself, after which further action may be
taken. I'm sorry it's had to resort to this, but I came back from work
tonight to see ~50 lfs-dev messages, the large part of which had very
little in the way of useful content.

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