What is LFS anyway?

Sébastien Maerten maerten.sebastien at laposte.net
Mon May 10 11:29:52 PDT 2004

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> On Mon, 10 May 2004 19:58:17 +0200
> "M.Canales.es" <manuel at linuxfrtomscratch.org> wrote:


>>I want start the work with profiles when the XML will be cleaned and
>>the XSL's don't need more big changes.
> I knew you would :)  As usual though, there's no rush, and a small
> proof-of-concept before we do the whole thing would be great.  I was
> thinking maybe just add one optional package as a test, and see how easy
> it is to customise the book based on that.

I know nothing of both xml and html, but I guess I could fill a skeleton 
file for this. I'm proposing yaboot (ppc bootloader) as the first 
candidate for this.

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