Merge BLFS and LFS? [Was Re: What is LFS anyway?]

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Mon May 10 14:49:58 PDT 2004

Tushar Teredesai said the following on 10-05-2004 22:38:
> Jeroen Coumans wrote:
>>For me, the distinction between LFS and BLFS always was the different 
>>goals and philosophy each project has.
>><snip differences between LFS and BLFS that I agree with>
> I agree with all the differences. But with people voting to include 
> optional things such as ppp, dhcp, hotplug, openssl, wget, lynx, etc. 
> into LFS, it seems that users and developers are asking for 
> one-stop-shop. That is why I (a bit reluctantly) offered the alternative 
> of merging the projects instead of the "mv pkg{1,2,3,4,5} BLFS/BOOK 

Not even for pragmatical reasons would I support such merge. The 
*projects* are very different and should thus be logically seperated. 
However, Manuel and Matthew are making a merging of *products* very 
possible by their XML changes. Thus, in the future, a user may be 
offered the possibility of:

1. Bare-bones LFS system for educational purposes
2. LFS system with networking, a solid base for servers
3. LFS/BLFS KDE Desktop system
4. LFS/BLFS Gnome Desktop system
5. Fileserver from scratch
6. Mailserver from scratch
7. HTTP server from scratch
8. Hardened LFS system
9. etc.

optionally built with nALFS.

The distinction between LFS/BLFS will be blurred from a user POV, 
although the distinguishing features of LFS from other source-based 
distro's (education, support) hopefully remain.

Also, this once again shows that our community doesn't need more 
democracy (we have that enough) but more leadership with a strong vision 
for the direction LFS should take.

Jeroen Coumans

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