The Current Development Structure

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Mon May 10 14:58:18 PDT 2004

Hui Zhou said the following on 10-05-2004 22:52:
> Well, actually, I know the three-tier model is in use, but from the 
> actually running, it still is a two stage model (before is a one stage 

Despite evidence to the contrary, it is still the plan that each branch 
will have it's own CVS branch (they have) and that each branch is 
actively maintained. The stable branch will have minimal development, 
while testing works towards the next stable version and unstable is the 
testing ground for everything the LFS editors may think of. This is 
exactly like discussed and which everyone supports.

The debate over the inclusion of hotplug & udev, as well as more 
networking configuration, caused an increased focus on unstable, but 
this is of incidental nature, hopefully, and focus on lfs-dev will go to 
the testing branch soon.

A lot has happened, and is still happening, and given the nature and 
impact of the discussions (they thouch on the very core of LFS), it will 
likely take some time before everything is resolved. Just be patient :-)

Jeroen Coumans

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