creating a file system on a new partition

Archaic archaic at
Mon May 10 17:37:54 PDT 2004

On Mon, May 10, 2004 at 05:34:33PM -0700, Rich Strom wrote:
> Yes, I learned, but not from LFS.
> Since I had very limited disk space, the solutions I found on the web
> couldn't be applied. A heads up in this chapter would've been much
> appreciated.

Great! LFS isn't meant to be the sole portal of learning. The more
expansive, non-LFS education one has the less he'll be a leach learning
only what new {B,}LFS books have to teach. I dare say that there are
many who stopped learning much after LFS and rely too heavily on future
improvements of the book for their own system instead of creating those
improvements themselves. I see this all the time with BLFS when someone
asks why package Z isn't in the book even though it's a simple configure
&& make && make install or the instructions are prominantly displayed in
the README. It's one thing to check BLFS first, but another to complain
when that package isn't in there. :-|


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