Guiding Principles (Repost)

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Mon May 10 18:43:33 PDT 2004

> Ryan.Oliver at said the following on 10-05-2004 07:01:
> >
> > Only one thing I'd change...
> >
> >
> >>  * provide basic network functionality, excluding servers
> >
> > We'd probably want to consider one server program, sshd.
> It's certainly one of the first programs I install on any machine,
> but I don't consider it essential for LFS to achieve its educational
> goals.

Maybe not educational, but we need to draw a line between arguing on
"educational value only" and "expected base functionality".

sshd gets you out of a hole, you can build lfs remotely, reboot it,
and log in again remotely, continue building. If you dont have blfs
packages available you can scp them in.

just my $0.02, but I guess you'd expect people to know to setup
networking and build openssh if they intended to never go back to
the host OS...


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