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> > Jeroen, your post got me curious as to what the LFS book currently
> > implies are its principles.  I picked out essentially four points from
> > the "Who would want to read this book" section:
> >
> > 1. Education - learning how a Linux system works.
> >
> > 2. Compact System
> >
> > 3. Control - you choose what's included.
> >
> > 4. Security
> >
> > Of course, then it's mentioned that there are many other reasons, but
> > these appear to be, as I understand, the main four.
> > The analogy is also made to the hamburger, and that LFS gives you the
> > recipe to make your own.  Using that analogy, it seems to me that what
> > you're asking is what packages make a "hamburger" and which ones should
> > be considered "toppings."
> >
> > Jeremy Huntwork
> >
> >
>I've been scanning these post over the last couple of days and was beginning
>to wonder if anyone had every read the introduction!  This book did not get
>slapped together last year, it has been in development for many years -- it
>knows what its principals are.  I find it interesting that some discussion
>is about changing the principles, not fulfilling the principles.
>This book is about Gerard's vision, not yours, not mine nor anyone else.
>You say that Gerard is not available, but he is -- five plus years of his
>dream in written down for all to read.  Need background, read the archives.
>We have moved one package from BLFS to LFS in the last three years, zlib,
>and it was done with complete agreement of all concerned.
>You want a transition chapter? Write it and submit it to BLFS for inclusion
>in the PostLFS chapter.
>I always equate LFS to a College class, it teaches, invokes thought and in
>the end there is a final exam.  Selecting the options needed in the Kernel
>close enough to get a boot is the final exam.  For extra credit, connecting
>to the Internet. Give the students opportunity to succeed just as you were.
>If they are smart enough to use BLFS to finish the exam, more power to them.
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