Guiding Principles (Repost)

Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at
Tue May 11 09:11:48 PDT 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> LFS provides the building blocks for a solid foundation upon which any
kind of house
> can be built - a villa (BLFS), a millitary camp (HLFS), an airport
> (router), etc. In order to allow all these systems, we have to make LFS
> as generic as possible and also as minimal as possible.

Yes, the building analogy is probably better.
So the principles have been set. They are good, otherwise we wouldn't all be
interested in the project.
The user successfully finishes the LFS book -> he's got an LFS system.
Now, what does the user want to make his system do, if anything? -> BLFS.

There just needs to be a little instruction to fill that small gap, before
the user reboots into a system
that doesn't really do anything.  Make them stop and consider, what am I
doing with this machine?
Let them know that there may be a couple of packages they might want to get
now, to save them having
to visit their host system again.

The question, really, seems to be what to say and how to say it.

Jeremy Huntwork

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