Next XML changes

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Tue May 11 19:30:33 PDT 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> So, I would like to ask for the following: each section is
> encapsulated in a unique div, preferably with a nice name. Eg:
> [div main]
> [div id=generic]  Package foo does bar [/div]
> [div id=install] Installation of foo [/div]
> [div id=content] Content of foo [/div]
> [/div]

Hmm... that'll break the nochunks output with duplicate IDs (if we still
want to do nochunks, that is...).

However, maybe it's possible with XSL to turn the "id" attribute into a
"class" attribute for just the nochunks render?  I've never learned XSL,
so I don't know myself...  Plus, we'd need to adjust the CSS to use .
instead of # for the nochunks render; I wonder if that's even possible.

Actually, it might make even more sense to use class for those {div}s in
both cases, if we can.  The only thing we'd lose is the ability to use
#'s (like {a href="bash.html#install"}install bash{/a} for example) in
links to the page.

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