What is LFS anyway?

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Wed May 12 00:43:14 PDT 2004

Sébastien Maerten wrote:

> Tushar Teredesai wrote:
>> That stat includes users who don't use Linux, and probably will not 
>> in the near future. I suspect most  LFSers are on a always-on 
>> connection with a firewall/router. Would be interesting to get a 
>> count of that.
> Got my permanent DSL yesterday, first one ever.
> I used dhcpcd as per blfs, first time I dealt with this: 10 min latter 
> I was online... using lynx. LFS is nice BLFS is nice :)
> Thank you very much for this BLFS team (yes, it still is BLFS book for 
> now, so you get the credits ;) )
> My two (euro)cents for this (dhcp...) kind of things: have a chapter 
> (either in LFS or BLFS) named "recommended utilities" that points to 
> LFS as the base system and to BLFS for further information. Or create 
> another book nammed "making your LFS system typically usable".

Actually, what I think is going to end up happening is somewhere in the 
final chapter, just before we say reboot, we're going to talk in the 
book briefly about packages you MIGHT want to install before
that first reboot, so things such as dhcp, pppd, wget, lynx, and the 
like.  Not give instructions, but give pointers to things that might be 
useful, and let people know that they can also be installed while
still chrooted, because not everyone understands that (I know I sure 
didn't on my first builds).


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