MAKEDEV script, lfs 5.1 pre2

Daniel Ignat daniel.ignat at
Wed May 12 05:01:07 PDT 2004


I had the next problems when trying to boot:
 - grub did not install
 - when booting, the process stopped because
  it said the filesistem is wrong

The real problem was: MAKEDEV script had
created only hda1..hda7 and i had the lfs
partition on the hda10 because i have  a
decent tuned system with / /usr /var /tmp
/home and /lfs mounted on different 
partitions.. I had to manually add all
the other entries and.. tadaaa.. all worked
just fine and i could boot my first lfs
installation :)

I suggest that the MAKEDEV script be modified
to support hda1 to hda10 or 12 to avoid that
in the future, i dont think it's a strange
configuration i have, but rather normal..

Other problems that i had with my first install

- some broken links (cc->gcc was wrong, i dont
remeber exactly how, pointing to /usr/bin
instead of /bin, or viceversa..) I would advise
in the LFS book that ppl should be recommended to
check if the correct link is in the correct place 
after moving the executables and makeing the symlinks.
I'm not sure if i did something wrong or in the book
is something wrong. I tried to follow the book exactly
ans i'm used to look very closed at details, but it is
possible that i would have done smth wrong. just dont
have the time to check it.. :( i put it here as a 
warning for the newcommer.

Now some hints for kernel beginners:
- if you want to have a cd-burning software functioning,
you need to compile the scsi support and the scsi generic
support, then pass for example, the hdc=ide-scsi argument 
to the kernel in order to have a *normal atapi* cdwriter 
recognized by burning software (yes, atapi, the software 
needs to see it as scsi, dont ask me why :) it may take 
hours of research to figure out that..

then, if you want an ibm webcam or a genius webcam to be
recognized by the kernel, you are again in trouble.. you
need to include all of this:
 - v4l (video for linux support)
 - bttv (BT848) support
 - i2c support, plus:
   - algo-bit module = 'bit banging interface'
   - device module = 'i2c device interface'
then the ibmcam support for ibmcam or ov511 support for
the genius cam..

Daniel BI

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