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[do you live one day in the future?]

> I want a presentation like the one that we have in the previous books until 
> 5.0, but using the {ul} tags. You can change the tags in the XHTML's if 
> needed, I will made the required changes in the XSL to do that markup.

See attached file. I've changed the up and home order in the footer 
navigation to make it the same as LFS-stable. Basic CSS:

div.headernav ul, div.footernav ul { position: relative; }
li.prev { position: absolute; left: 0; } { position: absolute; right: 0;}

This trick allows you to absolutely position child elements within a 
relatively position parent element. Should work cross-browser, although 
I have only tested MozillaFirefox 0.8. Making it compatible with IE>5 
etc. is for later worry.

BTW is it possible to use <style @import> syntax instead of <link>? 
Older browsers such as NN4 and IE4 don't understand the latter, thus it 
allows us to use more advanced CSS, if needed.

Jeroen Coumans
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