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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Wed May 12 10:26:51 PDT 2004

Alexander E. Patrakov said the following on 12-05-2004 17:17:

> 6) Add a note about pppd, dhcpcd and lynx --- or is a new chapter called 
> "Optional software" somewhere in the end better?

I'm writing a section about this very issue too, which I want to submit 
to replace the current chapter 9. Perhaps we can collaborate in the 
Wiki? One thing to keep in mind though: we have to be careful to 
maintain a balance between hinting the user on additional software and 
giving him the opportunity to actually fail. The latter actually 
increases the learning experience (see Tushar's post).

> 7) Submit a hotplug patch for use in LFS book. Rationale: almost 
> everyone voted for hotplug in LFS, and I am the author of the Hardware 
> Detection Hint that deals with hotplug.

I'd rather see you include it in BLFS, where it nicely fits with Alsa, 
and in the future *maybe* add it to LFS. When Matthew and Manuel's XML 
changes are ready, it'll be really easy to include it into LFS without 
changing anything. You're free to add it to unstable, of course.

IMHO, the inclusion of hotplug changes focus of the  core goals of LFS 
(namely, a usable system instead of an educational experience) and 
requires Gerard's and/or Matthew's approval. Also, while many users were 
for it, many team members were against it, with good arguments to back 
it up (most importantly, that it is optional for many people).

> 8) Add some udev-specific notes about building the kernel to HEAD and 
> b6_0. Explain what works and what does not work in /etc/modprobe.conf 
> with udev as compared  to static /dev. Rationale: lack of documentation 
> in other places, and the usual "alias sound-slot-0 snd-fm801" does not 
> work anymore with udev.

udev should only be in unstable, until it becomes an operational 
requirement for a stable kernel. Refer to a hint until then.

Jeroen Coumans

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