[Proposal] Using install in place of mkdir/cp

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed May 12 14:07:17 PDT 2004

Jeremy Utley wrote:

> By switching to install -d for these, we have to special case /root, 
> /tmp, and /var/tmp to set their proper permissions, which would then 
> look something like this:
> install -d /{bin,boot,dev/{pts,shm},etc/opt,home,lib,mnt,proc}
> install -d /{sbin,srv,usr/local,var,opt}
> install -m 0750 -d /root
> install -m 1777 -d /tmp /var/tmp

But doesn't this also eliminate the chmod commands that are there to do 
the same thing? As best I can see they are "special cased" in either 

I have no opposition to either method; install is useful for teaching, 
but mkdir/chmod is clearer. In the ALFS profiles if we have to use 
install to match the book it's going to be a pain, but we can live with 
it if the community thinks it's a better idea.

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