Splitting LFS and BLFS Bootscripts [Was Re: Package updates for 5.1 release]

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Wed May 12 17:32:11 PDT 2004

> Is it too late to split them for 5.1?  I mean, it's just a new tarball 
> for lfs-bootscripts, rip out the blfs directory, and kill all the blfs 
> make targets in the Makefile right?  This could be done correctly in a 
> matter of minutes.  The cvs work is obviously more than this, but that 
> can be handled after the split.  The alternative is BLFS could just 
> use a newer set of bootscripts than LFS, stick to the 2.0.6 branch 
> with an extraversion (  Being that BLFS should lag just a 
> little behind LFS on release, I don't see that as a problem either.
> -- DJ Lucas
For right now, the 5.1 book will use lfs-bootscripts-2.0.5 - the 2.0.6 
tree is the proposed package for BLFS, with the updated samba scripts 
included, and is proposed as a later release for BLFS purposes

As far as for the future, I think DJ is correct - we should work 
together to ensure everything fits properly, and checking for things 
like that.  See blfs-dev list for a proposal!


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