My plans

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Thu May 13 00:20:35 PDT 2004

> A very non-traditional development model.
Works for the gcc guys...

> you'd have TWO stable books, one with
> OLD stuff (2.4.x/Linuxthreads), and I don't think that really serves
> anyone

It serves HLFS for one.
There is still life in the 2.4 kernel and people will continue to use
what they know to be stable...

I can't see it being a bad thing continuing to update the 5.x series.
Once the toolchain and package niggles are sorted out with gcc-3.4.x
updating the 5.x to use the new toolchain and packages (albeit, with
linuxthreads, kernel 2.4.x, use of make_devices instead of udev)
wouldn't be terribly much of an effort (90% of the work in 6.x will
be the same as required in 5.x)

> it also makes it VERY hard for BLFS
> to keep up with us.

Not if the toolchains between the 5.x series and 6.x series are
kept matched (albeit with different pthread implementations).
There should be no difference for most of the BLFS package


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