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Thu May 13 07:27:02 PDT 2004

On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 05:03:47PM -0700, Tushar Teredesai wrote:
> Jeremy Utley wrote:
> > Ed's there because Patch can utilize it in rare cases (very old 
> > patches).  Procinfo is useless, IMHO, and autotools, while nice, are 
> > certainly not needed for a base LFS install to reproduce itself.
> AFAIR, autotools were added in case a future patch to one of the LFS 
> packages required a rerun of the autotools (for example the fam patch).
> Procinfo and ed can safely be moved to BLFS, IMO :)

I was just about to point this out. Autotools has been necessary at
different times. Should we rip it out just to put it back in later, and
then rip it out again, etc, etc? We know the justification of procinfo.
That has nothing to do with minimalism or necessity. It transcending
that argument because Gerard liked the package, used the package, and
kept the package. Under the paradigm of necessary and minimal, it should
probably go.

Ed.... where to begin? I stopped building ed with my LFS systems more
than 3 years ago. However, at one point when the project started, it may
have been a lot more common to Gerard to see ed patches. Whether it was
justified or not, I don't think it can be justified now do to the
extreme rareness of ed patches floating around for general consumption.

IOW, I wouldn't use ed and procinfo as justification for adding more
unnecessary packages. Rather I would move them to BLFS.

BTW, this argument really applies to readline mostly and not to udev.
Perhaps a link to the BLFS book is most appropriate. Granted a person's
POV usually dictates his position, but I used readline for the first
time when I installed MySQL, and still haven't ever rebuilt bash or
anything else to utilize it. Now, if I was constantly doing repetitive
tasks on a filesystem, then it would make sense to have history, but I
just can't see that being an often used feature.


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