Setting console font with new console script in lfs-bootscripts (useful for more than i18n)

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Thu May 13 08:55:25 PDT 2004

I configure my systems to vga mode 0x303 (100 columns, 37 rows). With my 
old init scripts (RedHat derived), at some point during the boot process 
the penguin logo disappears and the system begins using all 37 rows for 

With the lfs-bootscripts from a couple weeks ago (before the console 
script was added), this did not occur, so I had to manually make it happen.

With the new console script, I find that I can add 
/etc/sysconfig/console containing nothing but:

FONT=" "

which causes setfont to be executed with no argument, thereby setting a 
"default" font, and generating the desired behavior (logo disappears, 
scrolling begins to work properly).

The console script implies that users who are native English speakers 
(which I am, in the USA) will likely not have /etc/sysconfig/console, 
but I find this a useful way of solving the console size/scrolling 
problem. Is this worth addressing in the book, or even adding as a default?

Conversely: is there any reason I should actually set a font? On my old 
RH systems lat0-sun16 was being used; the closest I can find in the 
current (modern) fonts is lat9w-16, which seems to work fine as well. Am 
I setting myself up for any trouble by just setting this font and not 
making any other i18n-related settings?

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