LFS-5.1-pre2 glibc

Ken Moffat ken at kenmoffat.uklinux.net
Thu May 13 10:06:49 PDT 2004

On Wed, 12 May 2004, Ken Moffat wrote:

> On Wed, 12 May 2004 Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au wrote:
> >
> > Ken, could you do a ppc build again with the rc1 tarball just to
> > confirm that the issues with the books current listed glibc tarball
> > go away?
> >
>  It won't be finished before I go to bed (and if I'm really unlucky I'll
> have to turn it off to cool down, building with gcc-3.3.3 thrashes that
> box hard in glibc and X), and because firefox comes way down a script
> which runs after X has been built it will probably be sometime tomorrow
> p.m. (UTC+1) before firefox is finished.

 Firefox seems to be ok-ish now (still occasionally crashes).

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