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Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Thu May 13 11:48:00 PDT 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Whitespace is very important in design, since it gives the eyes resting 
> places and help the brain figure out what different sections are 
> available and how it should interpret them.
> [use google to find more...]
> Anyway, the right amount of whitespace can never be objectively be 
> found, thus this will probably remain a matter of personal taste.

I took a look at your links and they had some interesting comments about 
whitespace.  I agree that it is important.  The issue is not that the 
whitespace exists, but how much.  Do we use 1em or 0.4 em?  As you say, it 
does appear to be a matter of personal taste.  From my perspective, I would 
like to maximize the amount of material on the screen.  That's why I have 
21 inch screens set at 1600x1200.  I've know some who use a 640x480 
resolution on a 21 inch screen (yuck).

There isn't a real right and wrong here.  Because it is so subjective, 
perhaps we need to ask the general lfs population what they prefer and go 
with the majority.

   -- Bruce

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