glibc testsuite leaving files in /tmp

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Fri May 14 21:39:09 PDT 2004

> Matthias Benkmann wrote:
>> On Mon, 22 Mar 2004 03:11:56 -0800 Jeremy Utley <jeremy at>
>> wrote:
>>>>But the most important of all is this:
>>>>  Not deleting /tmp on boot may annoy, but never seriously hurts
>>>>  anyone.
>>>Until something breaks because the small tmp partition you created is
>>>full of crap that's months old and useless.
>> What kind of breakage are you thinking of? I challenge you to construct
>> an
>> example of breakage that causes *data loss*, because /tmp is full.
>> Everything else is not serious. Deleting /tmp on bootup will by
>> definition
>> cause data loss.
>> Even if you consider everyone an idiot who puts stuff in /tmp he wants
>> to
>> keep over a reboot, data loss on an idiot's computer is still data loss.
>> And no kind of data loss can be tolerated just to give some people the
>> convenience of not having to add rm commands to cleanfs for themselves.
>> I say that especially if everyone who wants to keep stuff in /tmp is an
>> idiot we must not delete /tmp. The smart guys who want /tmp deleted on
>> each reboot are all capable of modifying cleanfs to do this. It's the
>> idiots we must protect.
>> MSB
> Could the cleanfs script be modified to:
> 1.	remove everything in /tmp that is older than a certain date
> 	I think "find /tmp '--corect-option-for-older-than-date' -print 		|
> xargs rm -f"
> 2.	leave directory trees required to correct operation of X around,
> 	there were several threads on blfs-support about KDE and GNOME
> loading slowly because of incorect permisions on some 				directories in
> /tmp
> 3.	clean everything if a trigger file is left in /tmp on reboot,
> including the trigger file
> --

Actually, the modifications were done a while back

First off, everything [including hidden files] is removed from /tmp.

We also introduced a script that can create files/directories/devices on
bootup, (Written by winkie).  It is currently mentioned in the XFree86
[probably Xorg as well] for creating /tmp/.ICE-unix.

I believe people were satisfied with this.

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