CVS structure clarification/documentation

Tushar Teredesai tushar at
Fri May 14 22:03:20 PDT 2004

Matthew Burgess wrote:

>After many, often heated correspondences on these lists since the BE-LFS
>merge into LFS-HEAD I've finally managed to document the new CVS
>structure.  It can be viewed at
> for now,
>although it will be migrated onto the website proper in due course.  If
>there are still areas where things are unclear, I'd appreciate you
>pointing them out, so as clarifications can be made to it.
One shortcoming I see is the anwer to "Who decides what gets merged from 
HEAD to "testing" and when that happens?". From the document it seems 
that it is only for the maintainers to decide, the commnunity does not 
have any say in the matter. IMO, the answer should be expanded to 
include the commnunity opinion.

Also, if parallel BE development is needed, I think the following model 
allows more flexibility without having to post detailed documents about 
the changes.

|-- HEAD (Testing)
|-- BELFS1 (GCC-3.4.x)
|-- BELFS2 (Linux-2.6.x)
|-- BELFS3 (Extra Pure-LFS)
|-- Release
|   |
|   |--b6_0
|   |
|   |--b5_1
|   |  |--t_5_1_pre1
|   |  |--t_5_1_pre2

The changes from the BELFS* branches can be merged based on the success/failure of the approach.

Tushar Teredesai

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