USBFS - in bootscripts

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Sat May 15 02:01:18 PDT 2004

> Nathan Coulson wrote:
>> In the bootscript CVS, in mountkernfs, I recently told it to mount usbfs
>> under the suggestion that it was required for hotplug.
>> I noticed the BLFS USB script is set after the mountfs script is (which
>> is
>> what I moddled the changes after), gives me the impression we could use
>> fstab instead.  (If the hotplug specific stuff comes later)
> We can do that (and get rid of the usb script or mountkernfs special
> case) only if we strictly prohibit building usbcore as a kernel module.
>> I am also not sure what to think about the modprobe's below, and if they
>> should be put into mountkernfs.
> Only "modprobe usbcore" should go into mountkernfs. The host adapter is
> detectable by hotplug in the pci.rc script.
> Yes, we don't have any hardware detection or even forced module loading
> right now, so proper configuration of this hangs in the air for a while.
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Just to make sure, it works right if usbcore is compiled into the kernel?

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