CVS structure clarification/documentation

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Sat May 15 03:30:15 PDT 2004

Tushar Teredesai said the following on 15-05-2004 07:03:
> One shortcoming I see is the anwer to "Who decides what gets merged from 
> HEAD to "testing" and when that happens?". From the document it seems 
> that it is only for the maintainers to decide, the commnunity does not 
> have any say in the matter. IMO, the answer should be expanded to 
> include the commnunity opinion.

Overall, good document, however I share Tushar's concern. Is it possible 
to establish some ground rules? I'd hate to see CVS HEAD become the 
backdoor through which the BE-LFS crowd can basically do whatever they 
feel like with LFS, even if this means a break with previous established 
practices (ie. "you can't stop hotplug and udev anymore because it's 
already in HEAD").

I tried to make a proposition before but got shot down by Zack, who 
didn't provide any alternative then "Because we say it is good", which 
is insufficient IMHO.

Jeroen Coumans

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