Attitude on the LFS lists.

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Sat May 15 11:26:29 PDT 2004

Jeremy Utley said the following on 15-05-2004 19:53:
> And also, I'd like this community to remember one thing.  JUST because someone
> decides to go off and do something different, it doesn't mean they are forking
> the book.  When I first did BE-LFS, that was the accusation I faced repeatedly,
> when I had absolutely no intention of doing so.  LFS was stagnant, and under

This is simply not true - everybody wanted to integrate BE-LFS. I made a 
long summary of the entire discussion at the time, which clearly showed 
you how wrong your interpretation was. Yet you continue your accusations 
on "the community" (names please, we're mature enough to take the 
critique). Please back up your statements.

> the development model then in place (needing community agreement on every
> little change), it couldn't go forward.  So the change was made, and the work

Yes it could. Alex made numerous changes and was willing to experiment, 
but was continuously held back by people like you, who didn't like his 
work. You probably also remember that at the time, you didn't have 
enough spare time to work on LFS yourself. Now you're criticizing "the 
community" of holding you back. Kinda ironic that you are now in Alex's 
position, don't you think?

> that Zack, Jason, and myself did was brought back into the project, and HEAD
> was declared the playground.  But, we're STILL limited in what we can do,
> because it seems people do NOT want to experiment with new things, instead

No you're not, you have CVS HEAD to play with and experiment with all 
you want - everybody agreed on that. That doesn't mean every change you 
make will go unquestioned or will unconditionally go to testing. We are 
trying to work with you on establishing common principles which dictate 
the procedures and rules by which we all should play, but it seems you'd 
rather accuse us of holding you back.

> want to stay with the same old stuff.  What is a person like me or Zack, who
> really want to play with this stuff, and help OTHERS to play with this stuff,
> supposed to do BUT take things outside the project?

Are you now threatening with forking again?

Jeroen Coumans

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