Another personal attack???

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Sat May 15 11:58:20 PDT 2004

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> You, you, you... that's a personal attack.  Can't you all just stop? 
> Perhaps a perception makes something untrue for one but is it 
> fair to call a person a liar because of that perception?  The 
> emotional reactions people have to these attacks drains their 
> energy and destroys a piece of their soul.  I would like to 
> see these flames stop immediately or the lists moderated.  
> And, yes, I would be willing to moderate.  If *you* have a 
> personal issue with someone, as *your* email implies, why 
> don't you take it off the lists?
> Karen McGuiness

I totally agree, this list is high traffic as it is.. Without people adding
crap to it.

 I'm sure the big boss man would be willing to set up
little-kids at for you to all argue to your hearts

So how about you all grow up, act mature and take the argument private and
leave the rest of us alone?

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