[RFC] Proposal to change the structure of the website view/download areas and handling of "testing" releases

Robert R. Russell zoohoo_linux at hotmail.com
Mon May 17 09:01:09 PDT 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Kevin P. Fleming said the following on 17-05-2004 01:55:
>> When the lfs-dev team makes a tag point for testing, they would add 
>> that tag to a magic file in the LFS/BOOK tree to be processed by the 
>> meta-render script. However, this does mean that "testing" would not 
>> be a nightly rendered copy of the chosen testing branch, but instead 
>> only contain relatively "stable" tag points chosen by the lfs-dev 
>> editors.
> <snip>
>> Comments?
> Great proposal, even more great is that you're willing to do the work 
> for it! :-)
> One issue I have, related to the LFS development model, is the change of 
> a daily CVS rendering model (pre-three-tier-development-model) to a 
> model which only knows releases, tag points and unstable. I'd really 
> like to keep a daily rendering of testing, in addition to the tagged 
> renderings which replace the former pre releases.
> Here's what I think should change then:
> * /testing should always point to the latest daily rendering of testing 
> branch, as opposed to the last tagged testing branch.
> * tagged testing branches can be date-rendered, perhaps with a similar 
> .htaccess directive which links pre1 to a dated rendering.
> * to keep the /view & /downloads directories tidy, we should move old 
> releases to the lfs-museum. This because of mirror disk space 
> restrictions. I suggest to keep the daily renderings for just a day and 
> the tagged renderings for the lifetime of a branch. Eg. when 6.0 is 
> released, we clean all tagged pre-releases.

or change /testing to /testing-daily or /daily

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