LFS-5.1 packages tarball?

Roel Neefs geryon at gaosu.rave.org
Mon May 17 11:16:07 PDT 2004

On Monday 17 May 2004 20:02, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Is anyone planning on putting together a tarball of packages for 5.1
> as we did for 5.0? I'm holding up the official 5.1 ALFS profile
> release at this point because we have support for the "tarball" in
> the profile but there is no tarball at this time.
> Do we still have places willing to host the tarball for downloads,
> and someone who can sign it like Gerard did for 5.0 (or is that even
> necessary?)

i'm willing and i already have one on 
ftp://gaosu.rave.org/pub/linux/lfs/packages/lfs-packages-5.1.tar , if a 
signed one is made, i'll replace mine. 
If someone else also makes one the md5 of mine (found in 
lfs-packages-5.1.tar.md5) won't be the same, cause an MD5SUMS file is 
linked inthere, which has MD5s of all packages on my mirror.

(btw, the server can be offline this instant, changing a harddrive)

Roel Neefs
http://lfs.rave.org/lfs/news.html and ftp://gaosu.rave.org/pub/linux/lfs

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