LFS-5.1-pre2 glibc

Peter Edwards nospam at nospam.com
Mon May 17 16:33:44 PDT 2004

On Sat, 15 May 2004 16:14:05 +1000, Ryan Oliver wrote:
> LOL :-)
> Open the tarball, read the README.LFS
> Patches and whatnot are under my homedir.
> I'll regenerate some more (I cleaned a couple of things up).
> If you are worried about the source not being "pristine" note the 
> timestamps for the files that were replaced when code was backed out, 
> you'll find they perfectly match what you'll find in glibc-cvs.

ok, thanks, thats not as bad as i first thought. still, see my other post.
in future please do the right thing and provide separate patches and a
known tarball in the book. its the only ethical thing to do.


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