modprobe usbcore in bootscripts

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue May 18 07:29:27 PDT 2004

Nathan Coulson wrote:

> I guess this boils down to, should we support people who have such
> components as modules.  [shudders].  I guess it wouldn't hurt...

And this goes back to a point that someone else (sorry, forgot who) 
raised: if the user has built usbcore as a module, but then during 
system startup we load it and mount usbfs at /proc/bus/usb, then the 
usbcore module is going to be pinned into memory the entire time the 
system is running (it cannot be unloaded).

Given that, exactly what is the point of having usbcore be a module at 
all? There aren't multiple versions of it, it can't be unloaded, and it 
doesn't take any module parameters.

I think the best course of action here is to go ahead and have the 
bootscripts mount /proc/bus/usb without making any provisions at all for 
whether usbcore is a module on the user's system; just check 
/proc/filesystems to see if it's available, if so then mount it. If not 
then move on. If the user wants to configure their system in this (IMHO) 
sub-optimal and illogical way then they will have to deal with the 

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