Alexander E. Patrakov see at the.sig
Tue May 18 08:52:39 PDT 2004

The only remaining issues that prevent inclusion of hotplug into the 
book are:

1) readlink binary being overwritten by tetex in BLFS
2) disagreement between editors upon a single "modprobe -q usbcore" line 
in mountkernfs

I am going to just ignore both points for now and commit hotplug 
instructions within the next 36 hours. Rationale:

1) the needed foundation is already provided by the bootscripts in the 
case when usbcore is not a module

2) it is very easy to document this assumption (and other ones, e.g. 
about futexes) on the kernel page right now

3) if the party that votes for modprobe finally wins (BTW I belong to 
it), it is easy to remove this assumption from the book

4) by adding hotplug now, we win some time for testing

Any objections?

Alexander E. Patrakov
To get my address: echo '0!42!+/6 at 5-3.535.25' | tr [!-:] [a-z] | tr n .

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