Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Tue May 18 09:20:59 PDT 2004

Miguel Bazdresch wrote:

>LFS already has instructions to use 2.6, in the form of this hint:
>It works fine, it's what I used to migrate to 2.6. It even covers the
>new modutils.

You make my point.  This needs to be in the book but somewhat simplified.

1.  For the purposed of building LFS 6.0, the kernel should be built 
without modules.  mod-init-tools is not required.
2.  I beleive we should be building linux 2.6.x with a gcc-3 compiler. 

In fact the instructions should be something along the line of:

make menuconfig
  -- do not enable modules, include all needed drivers, use generic 
drivers where needed (e.g. not nvidia, etc)

make all

cp arch/i386/boot bzImage /boot
  -- needs a little explaination here

update lilo/grub

  -- Bruce

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