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Don Smith dss-lfs at
Tue May 18 20:37:34 PDT 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Archaic said the following on 18-05-2004 07:32:
>> On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 11:40:59PM -0400, Don Smith wrote:
>>> Well, I agree with Bryan and Archaic, just specify sans-serif and let 
>>> the user agent pick the sans-serif font (and size) to use.
>> Well there are at least 4 votes. :) Also, you might want to take into
> Ok, I did it in <>. 
> The problem which I now see, is that now the default rendering is not 
> good. In Mozilla (and I suspect in IE as well), the default font-size 
> for normal type is 16px and for monospace is 13px. Thus, the commands 
> are now very small. Specifying two font-types of the same family (like I 
> did with Bitstream, Luxi, Lucida, MS corefonts) solves that problem.
> So, within the constraints you ask, I'd have to resort to specifying 
> font-size for monospace (eg. 1.3em), but this doesn't work for people 
> who don't use the default monospace font!
> To make short: it is not possible to please everybody. It's a trade-off 
> of pleasing those who tweak their settings or those who surf with 
> defaults. I think the last group is larger, but a poll will find out.
> I think I'm gonna let people choose which variant they like best: 
> less5.html or less6.html.

Well, I have to say less6 looks better on my default browser (Safari) 
that less5 but that's probably because I chose the right relative fonts 
to begin with (Helvetica 16 and Courier 14). I don't like the 
proportional font used on less5 (not sure which was picked but it looks 
almost monospaced on my system).

Netscape with default settings however looks awful with less6 because 
the monospaced fonts are too small as you have said. But if I correct my 
monospaced font size it looks just fine.

You shouldn't be fighting the defaults just because many people don't 
change them. You should assume people will change them to suit their needs.

Having said that, I could live with specifying the monospaced font to 
use, but leave the proportional font alone.

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