Small typo in Kernel Build (LFS 5.1)

Guillem Pagès Gassull guillempages at
Wed May 19 03:23:54 PDT 2004

> > I think I've noticed this also on part III.5 or
> > II.6, but I'm not sure where.
> If you can remember where would be very nice ;-)
I've done a search in the PDF Version and found occurrences in

Kbd-1.12 (just before contents; loadkeys -m [...] /usr/src/linux-
2.4.25/drivers [...])

linux-2.4.26 (between make_modules and make_modules_install, 
says that the documentation will be found in the linux-2.4.25 
directory; just before the contents, the chroot 0:0 also refers to linux-
2.4.25). But those occurrences are the ones I did now where they 
were ;-)

I haven't found any others.

> > Guillem Pagès Gassull
> Moltes graçies.

A disposar ;-)
> Manuel Canales Esparcia 

Guillem Pagès Gassull

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