Dealing with 5.1

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Wed May 19 14:47:06 PDT 2004


As you may have noticed, the lfs-5.1 release wasn't quite up to the
usual high standards that our project strives to maintain.  There were a
number of typos that went unnoticed, but more importantly, no package
tarball was created, and links to required patches pointed to the
incorrect directory.

I will be releasing a 5.1.1 version within the next few days addressing
all of these issues.  The reported typos have already been corrected and
mirror admins are in the process of uploading the package tarballs.

I'd like to offer my apologies for the unproffesional quality of the 5.1
release, and also like to extend my thanks to members of the community
who have offered their advice and guidance regarding future releases.

Best regards,

Matt Burgess
LFS Coordinator

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