make devices - only to hda6

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Thu May 20 17:16:51 PDT 2004

> Hi.
> I just did an LFS 5.1 and it failed on the bootup fs check because the
> make devices script only makes upto /dev/hda6. For a dual booter the
> existing distro is likely to be using 5 for swap and 6 for root already,
> so maybe it would be better to go a bit higher or mention it in the book.
> Andy.

The make_devices script was made for the purpose of user editing, where
users would add whatever they wish.

It is probably going to be replaced by udev in the next LFS version
anyway, which generates devices based upon what you need.

This has been covered a few times, and usually people should check the
archive before making suggestions.

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