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Fri May 21 17:57:43 PDT 2004

El Sáb 22 May 2004 02:42 Roel Neefs escrbió:

> Ugh, do we really want the lfs-book to be this colorful? was it decided
> somewhere? i didn't follow all the xml threads (didn't know they were
> going to be this invasive). If this goes in, i really want a stylesheet
> selection somwhere, where i can choose the normal black on white
> layout.

Has been commint only to HEAD, i.e unstable stuff. It's based in the last 
example send by Jeroem some days ago in a very long thread.

Now is time to see how look in a full render and send sugestions to improve it, 
but not flames, please ;-) 

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