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DJ Lucas dj at
Sat May 22 07:45:59 PDT 2004 wrote:

> El Sáb 22 May 2004 11:59 Jeroen Coumans escrbió:
>>>I also think it's a pretty big waste of space - there's a WHOLE lot of blank
>>>empty space in there that's not really needed.
>>It's for increasing readability and legibility. Why does everyone here
>>prefer to read condensed text which fills each page left to right? It
>>makes very dull pages and causes strain on the eyes.
> See the version that was comminted to HEAD. 

Wow! That is really begining to look nice.  I'm not so sure I like the 
yellow tho.  It's only opinion, so take it for no more than it is worth. 
  Something about it just doesn't fit right with the rest of the page.

I like this combination...

   background-color: #dfefff;
   border: 1px solid #afefff;

or mabye this one if you really want to separate from lfs's website 
colors but I like the first better..

   background-color: #dffbcc;
   border: 1px solid #bffbcc;

-- DJ Lucas

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