Development Process and effect on BLFS

DJ Lucas dj at
Sat May 22 09:06:51 PDT 2004

<snip useless IMO argument on the wrong list>

Guys, I think this traveled into lfs-dev teritory a while ago.  Please, 
please please just chill out.  As far as I can tell, only a couple of 
minor changes will need to be done to prepare BLFS for LFS-6.0.  These 
changes can certainly wait a few weeks after 5.1's release for editors 
and contributors of BLFS to thouroughly test it all out.  The only 
remaining variable is udev and it has almost no bearing on BLFS.  AFAIK 
it requires that we remove two mentions of mknod (not even commands). 
The udev decision is the biggest one on lfs-dev right now.  No sense in 
bickering over it on this list.  Please continue on lfs-dev if it's 
continued at all.

-- DJ Lucas

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