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Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Sat May 22 10:51:14 PDT 2004

On Sat, May 22, 2004 at 11:59:41AM +0200, Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Jeremy Utley said the following on 22-05-2004 05:49:
> >But isn't the disabling of the stylesheet in the browser global (i.e. will
> >affect any and all sites using CSS)?  I don't think anyone wants to be 
> >turning
> >that on and off all the time.
> In Mozilla, Konqueror & relatives you can disasble the stylesheet just 
> for the site. It's not a saved preference, but again, that is a 
> technical issue. My goal was to provide a design and layout which is 
> visually pleasing (taste differs) and enhances legibility and readability.
> >Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there's anything necessarily wrong with
> >what you've done, other than all the colors are superflous and unnecessary.
> >I *DO* like the use of the bright yellow in the caution boxes, but the 
> >rest..
> >not really.
> By using color to seperate different sections, a reader doesn't have to 
> close-read to know what is available on a page. Most people first 
> visually scan a page, if only for half a second, to see how long it is, 
> what is important, if it requires user actions or just reading, etc. 
> This allows you to comprehend the content much easier and faster. See 
> eg. for a very nice example in 
> transforming a basically unstyled page, very similar to LFS, to a very 
> attractive, highly usable and readable page which communicates much more 
> efficient.
> It's also not a matter of "liking" the color palette I used; taste 
> differs. What matters is that the colors are used functionally and are 
> not arbitrary decorations. They were chosen and tweaked for being 
> unobtrusive and guiding a reader from "cool" sections (navigation, 
> secondary information) to "warm" sections (explanations, commands).
> >I also think it's a pretty big waste of space - there's a WHOLE lot of 
> >blank
> >empty space in there that's not really needed.
> It's for increasing readability and legibility. Why does everyone here 
> prefer to read condensed text which fills each page left to right? It 
> makes very dull pages and causes strain on the eyes.
> Also, there already was a long discussion about this very issue; please 
> read the archives.

A long discussion in an unrelated thread (XML).  This isn't XML.

Some of us don't read threads we don't care about - and I don't really care
about the XML internals.  But when it comes to the external HTML output,
I do care.  So this should have been broken out of the XML thread when it
stopped talking about XML.


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